Building Access Information

Office Address

We are located at 501-3292 Production Way in Burnaby.


The parkade is open from 6am to 6pm on weekdays and closed on the weekends. Hourly rate is $1.60 (excl tax) and Hangtag is accepted. Street parking along the front of the office building on Production Way is now limited to 15 mins at all times. You may park in the unrestricted stalls in front of Foodies On Board next to the office building (see map below). 

Building access

There is an intercom to the right side of the front entrance. Please dial #1512 and Andrea will buzz you in. Enter through the door closest to the intercom.

Office Location

Proceed up the stairs to the elevator on the 2nd floor. Go to the 5th floor and turn right when you exit the elevator and Andrea will meet you at the entrance of suite 501. If you have mobility issues and require an elevator from the ground floor, please let us know in advance so that we may provide additional instructions.